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    Just wanted to welcome everyone to Luciteria with a little "about us" introduction.

    My name is Rasiel Suarez and along with my sister Seven Asher we started the company in 2015 primarily to give us something to do as a family. Initially, the aim was to carry only products made with Lucite acrylic, hence the name (which is a mashup of Lucite and Cafeteria.... kinda clumsy, I know, but it stuck!). However, it was obvious within just a few weeks of opening that there was a strong demand for elements in many different forms so we retooled to meet that demand.

    It will come as a surprise to many that I don't have a background in chemistry, engineering or any other formal training. I just had a nerdy interest in the periodic table and science in general - which is also descriptive of a great number of our customers. Five years later I'm very happy with our growth and progress. Even despite the challenges presented this year by the pandemic we continue to add new products on an aggressive schedule with the ultimate goal of becoming a portal for a global community of enthusiasts who share our passion. So I encourage all who have an interest in this subject to jump in and participate, ask questions and make friends with like-minded element collectors :-)

    Rasiel Suarez

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    If you can figure out a way to put labels on Phosphorus (I think there was at one point), Uranium or Selenium 10mm metal cubes, I'll buy 'em.