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    Hello folks, I'm also a new element collector and would enjoy some chats about elements and science trivia. I was mad about science, chemistry and the elements when I was a kid (about 50 years ago) and last January I stumbled upon some web sites and discussions by people buying and selling elements and I realised I could fulfil my childhood dream of making my own collection. And so I have ... I've got 33 distinct elements at the moment, and 7 more 10g samples will arriving in coming weeks (6 from Luciteria). I've even hand built a set of display racks for the samples. I regularly give science presentations at groups like Meetup, and I've prepared a 1 hour show-and-tell presentation titled A Tour of The Elements which I hope to give early next year once the pandemic eases off.

    In the meantime though, I must ask ... how do I clean my cerium chunks. They're in paraffin oil, but they're covered in a hard pale green coating.

    Cheers, Greg (Australia)

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    Hey Greg,

    Maybe another reader can weigh in with your question on cleaning your cerium sample (if that's even possible). If you don't hear a response you might try posting it again in

    As for your growing collection, way to go! You should post a photo :-)