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Hi, Luciteria and following element collectors [Image: rolleyes.png](by the way, the word 'luciteria' now autocorrects to Luciferian),
I am making a rather different request, and This is definitely something I and probably some of the other customers of this website would like to see - more ore samples of our favorite elements! I've got to say, I have ordered off this site a few times, and have been very satisfied with the cost of the elements and diversity of the elements on this website.

Though, something I would love to see is ore samples from mines and such (uranium ore, iron ore, etc). I just started collecting uranium ore for my personal use, but I would love to see some other ores and such on this website. I would also like the website to stay the same with the categories, where mirror cubes are separated from metal cubes and ampules from the elements.

(please follow up on my request for containers and jars too [Image: smile.png])



From the very official, Mad Element Collectors
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Good Idea!

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